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Copiri connects members of non-profit organizations around their shared passions, overcoming the engagement disconnect among members of nonprofits and with the nonprofit itself.

Energize Your Passion

Copiri personalizes your passions, by giving you a single access point to all your passion-based organizations within a mobile app.

Travel around the world and bring your passions with you. Copiri helps you find new places and new ways to contribute to your community in the context of your personal passions.

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Connect with Your Passion

Copiri solves the engagement disconnect by providing a common means to deliver and consume information that overcomes generational and technological barriers in communication.

Strengthen your bonds with other volunteers who share your passions, and empower the dialogue in your organization to create new and innovative ways to improve your community.

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Fund Your Passion

Copiri makes it simple and convenient to contribute to the practical financial support that keeps your nonprofit organizations going and growing.

You'll be able to receive a summary of all your passion-based transactions in one place and see directly how your fiscal contributions are energizing your passions.

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Find New Friends

Copiri enables members of nonprofits like you to discover and interact with one another solely by virtue of belonging to a specific passion-based, volunteer-driven organization.


Jorge shares a recent volunteer experience in his Copiri news feed. Emily doesn't know Jorge, but because she sees his post in their shared news feed on Copiri, she can contact him to ask for information before she does a similar event.

Extending Relationships

Though Damon and Marcus attended the same nonprofit meeting, they did not meet in person. Damon wants to follow up with Marcus on a comment he made in the forum. Because Copiri offers meeting check-in functions, Damon can find contact Marcus despite never having previously met.

Multiply Your Effects

In volunteer-driven organizations, the effects your individual efforts are intangibly augmented when combined into group pursuits. The projects are more fun. Participants are motivated by one another. The group's energy goes up.

Copiri's core function is to connect you to other people locally, regionally, and across the globe based your shared passions. By adding people and energy to your causes, your efforts can have more meaningful and far-reaching effects.

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For organizations looking to re-energize their volunteer base, Copiri can also create a customized app specific to your particular organization.

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Make It Yours

Copiri works with you to customize the app with your logos and color schemes, and to your group's organizational structure. If you have specific feature requests, we'll work with you to design and implement them.

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Empower Your Members

With a news feed and in-app messaging, Copiri enables your members to quickly and effectively collaborate, even if they've not previously met. These tools also give members a voice with which to interact with you.

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Gain Insights

While Copiri's core functions benefit members, some aspects of organizational management are natural by-products. Data analytics can also show, for example, how many other nonprofits compete for your members' time.

Contact Us

If you'd like to share your ideas, recommendations, or suggestions, or would just like to follow our progress, please send us your information, so we can keep you posted.